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               At Sexton, Inc., we offer a wide variety of services to meet our customers needs.                           Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Terminal Pipeline Maintenance & Construction

      Steel Transmission Systems                                                              Poly Distribution Systems
      Hydro Testing                                                                                    General Construction
      Pump & Compressor Facility Maintenance                                       Sand Blasting and Painting
      Recoat/Integrity Services and Inspection                                          In-Service Maintenance
      Grounds Maintenance                                                                        Fabrication        
      Tank Cleaning                                                                                    Fencing
      Vacuum Truck                                                                                    Boring

      Complete Operations Capabilities                                                    Job Book Compilation
       Leak Surveys                                                                                     Railroad Commission Audit Preparation
       Procedure Writing                                                                             Compliance Bookkeeping

       Location Roads                                                                                 Concrete
       Building Construction                                                                        Landscaping
       Pit Construction/Maintenance                                                           Dump Truck
       Containment Pond                                                                             Wetlands Conservation

Right Of Way Maintenance

       Erosion Control                                                                                Environmental/Remediation
        Chemical Weed Control                                                                   Hydro-Mulching Services
        Mowing                                                                                            New Pipeline Preparation
Miscellaneous Services

       Project Management                                                                        Inspection
       Contract Line Locating                                                                     HAZWOPER Trained Personnel
       Water Line Installation                                                                     Water Meter Installation